Akron, Ohio shines on new PBS TV show: “Around Akron with Blue Green”

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Around Akron with Blue Green Sponsorship:

The citizens and more importantly the children of Akron now have a locally produced broadcast TV show with positive stories about their city. Around Akron with Blue Green is a spotlight to all of the incredible things Akron has to offer.

The TV show has a run time of 30 minutes with four segments per show. Each show will feature the following segments: History/Business, Art/Culture, Entertainment/Dining and the Movers & Shakers that make things happen in Akron.

Around Akron with Blue Green airs several times monthly on Western Reserve PBS, WNEO channel and also on their Fusion channels. Western Reserve PBS has a footprint of 5.13 million viewers in 22 counties in Northeast Ohio and also reaches Western Pennsylvania & Northern West Virginia as well. 33% of all adults in the Akron/Canton area watch Western Reserve PBS weekly. The show also airs two times a week on Akron Public Schools, Channel 15 on Time Warner Cable in Akron.

Around Akron with Blue Green is represented through Social Media on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Presently there are 717 likes on Facebook, 77 followers on Twitter and 90 followers on Instagram. Currently the social media channels average a monthly reach of over 44,000, with more than 9,000 video views and at least 4,000 post engagements. These numbers are growing by the day and the channels are only a few month old, I project to double these numbers over the next quarter.

What do you get by sponsoring the show? My question back to you: Do you truly care about the city of Akron? If you answered yes, then by sponsoring the show you will be fulfilling your civic duty by instilling pride in this community. You can help to reach those who do not have the luxuries of high speed internet or cable TV, by providing local Akron based stories broadcast on Western Reserve PBS to all homes.

Akron has about 200,000 residents and Western Reserve PBS is the only television station that exclusively represents our city. Little Rock, Arkansas, is virtually the same size of Akron and has at least nine stations to represent its unique population, including ABC, CBS, Fox, NBC, PBS and Univision, just to name a few. In Akron, we have a small group of people producing television programming and that needs to change.

We need to have locally produced television shows on the public broadcast airways in Akron. We need to have Akron based TV shows playing in every hotel, bar, restaurant, entertainment venue, class room, TV sales displays and every TV in the entire city of Akron. Around Akron with Blue Green is already airing on Western Reserve PBS and is available on the broadcast public airwaves, cable providers and satellite TV providers in the Akron area. The hard part is done, the show is airing, now we need to make it better and we need spread the word about the show to the citizens of Akron.

Sponsoring Around Akron with Blue Green will enable better production quality with deeper more visually rich stories. Sponsorship will go toward research, planning, fact checking, shooting, editing and marketing of the TV show. I need your help to sustain quality programming and to keep up with the demanding needs of production, traditional marketing and management of social media channels.

Your sponsorship of $2000 per show will help to sustain Around Akron with Blue Green and for your generous support you will receive underwriting credits in the show and will be mentioned on the social media channels.